• The most appropriate meaning of learning is_______________.

(A) Inculcation of knowledge

(B) Modification of behavior 

(C) personal adjustment

(D) acquisition of skills

  • Teachers primary responsibility lies in __________________.

(A) planning educational experiences .

(B) implementing policies .

(C) keeping students records .

(D) all of the above.

  •  A teacher meeting his students for the first time should ___________.
(A) start teaching without caring the students likes and dislikes
(B) develop report with the class
(C) give a board outline of the whole subject
(D)  (B) and (C) both
  • Kindergarten (KG) system of education means garden of small kids which is indebted to_____________.
(A) Dewey
(B) Froebel
(C) Plato
(D) Spencer
  • While dealing with juvenile delinquents a teacher should ______________.
(A) Play them with filthy bad jokes
(B) talk with them frankly, guide and channelize their potentialities in constructive ways
(C) complain to the principal against them
(D) None of the above
  • While delivering lecture if there is some disturbance in the class then a teacher should__________________. 
(A) keep quite for a while and then go on 
(B) not bother of what is happening in the class
(C) punish those causing disturbance
(D) all of the above
  • In the final analysis, teaching must be do thought of mainly as a process of___________________.

(A) asking questions and evaluating the learning

(B) directing the activities of the  pupils 
(C) hearing the the recitation of pupils
(D) all of the above
  • A teacher is expected to do all aspect ___________________.
(A) participation in community activities
(B) help pupils to solve their problems 
(C) taking interest in politics
(D) sponsors clubs and other school affairs
  • Before starting instruction a teacher should ________________.
(A) know the existing knowledge of his students and their background knowledge
(B) be aware of the environmental variable acting on the mind of the pupils
(C) be competent enough to arouse the curiosity of his pupils
(D) all of the above
  • John Locke’s phrase of tabula rasa means __________________.
(A) tal and ras
(B) free education
(C) mind itself is a result of the process of evolution 
(D) all of the above
  • TV is superior to radio as teaching aid because it it______________.
(A) is costly
(B) invites two senses hearing and vision simultaneously leading to more 
accurate from of learning 
(C) is generally liked by pupils
(D) all of the above
  • On which of the following statements there is consensus among educator’s ___________.
(A) disciplinary cases should be sent to the principal only when other means have failed 
(B) disciplinary cases should be never be send to the principal’s office
(C) discipline  cases should be totally neglected in the class
(D) none of the above
  • The function of a teacher is in the order of ________________.
(A) guiding the child helping him towards progress and evaluation 
(B) checking homework, guiding him and assigning for further task
(C) both of these
(D) none of the above
  • In order to develop report with your pupils you should ______________.
(A) guide them
(B) behave them in a democratic way
(C) have communicative ability
(D) all of the above
  • Observable behaviors which a teacher can use in the class to bring home to to people an idea or point is technically called ________________.
(A) teaching skills 
(B) communicating facilities
(C) demonstration
(D) none of these
  • Which of the following statement regarding to motivation is correct ____________.
(A) free will intellect and reason are the motivating factor according to Plato
(B) inborn unlearned tendencies called institutes are the motivating forces according to James
(C) Burt  curiosity and level of aspiration are the motivating factors according to  Berlyne
(D) all of the above
  • All of the following statements regarding a teacher are correct expect that he is ____________.
(A) a friend, guide and philosopher
(B) teachers what the students do not know 
(C) the leader of the class
(D) changes his attitudes and behavior according to the need of society
  • The first important step in teaching is ________________.
(A) planning before hand
(B) organizing material to be taught
(C) knowing the background of students 
(D) none of above
  • A new comer teacher who is maltreated in his class will deal with students by___________. 
(A) applying Punitive measures
(B) improving his qualities and expressing it before them in a good way 
(C) changing his class after consultation with the principal
(D) give them a treat of expulsion
  • Suppose you are teaching in a minority college where casteism and narrow-mindedness victimize you for better adjustment there you should _______________.
(A) uplift the humanistic values beyond these narrow wall and develop scientific temper in your students
(B) Be submissive there and save your job at all costs
(C) rebel against such attitudes as it is against the norms of the Indian society
(D) none of the above

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