TRAINING METHODOLOGY Question Paper  useful for all trainees.

  •  If some students fail in the examination it is the fault of____________.

(A)  the teacher

(B)  the principal

(C)  pupils themselves

(D)  text books

  • If a teacher is not able to the question of a pupil he should ____________.

(A) say that he will after consultation

(B) rebuke the people

(C) say that the question is wrong

(D) feels shy of his ignorance

  • Micro teaching is useful to the student of_____________.

(A) Primary classes only

(B) junior classes only

(C)  10 + 2 classes only

(D) higher classes and primary classes both

  • The greatest important cause of failure in beginning for a teacher lies in the area of______________.

(A) Interpersonal relationship 

(B) verbal ability

(C) knowledge of the teacher

(D) tight handling of the students.

  • The introduction of career courses in schools and colleges aims at_____________.

(A) Developing the ability to make the intelligent choice of jobs 

(B) providing professional knowledge to students

(C) Increasing GK in students

(D) all of the above

  • The main role of education according to Plato was _____________.

(A) to develop the power of contemplation

(B) To develop the personality of each individual

(C) Two strengthen of state

(D) All of the above

  • A democratic society is one which________________.

(A) Follows the principles of equality freedom fraternity and justice

(B) Respect the enlightened individuals

(C) believe in equal education opportunity

(D) all of the above

  • The major responsibility with which day school personnel have been entrusted is that_____________. 

(A) it harmonize the needs of child and demands of the society for the benefit of both

(B)  it makes the child able to get job

(C) it prepares the school program according to the need of the child

(D) all of the above

  • Classroom discipline can be maintained effectively by _______________.

(A) knowing the cause of indiscipline and handling it with Stern hand

(B) Providing a program which is according to thee/wed and interest of the pupils ✔

(C) putting on fancy clothes in the classroom

(D) none of the above

  • A teacher in the class is ________________.

(A) the president of the group

(B) A director of the group

(C) A leader and guide of the group 

(D) all of the above

  • Verbal guidance is least effective in teaching___________.

(A) attitude

(B) concept and facts

(C) relationship

(D) skills

  • Quality of education in the school / college can be measured through __________.

(A) infrastructural facilities available

(B)  manpower, teachers and principal available

(C) students achievement

(D) all of the above

  • Teachers should study educational philosophy because _______________.

(A) they do not know it

(B) they do not have their own philosophy

(C) philosophy is the backbone of all disciplines

(D) they may improve their work by clarifying their own philosophy ✔

  • An effective teacher adopts the norms of _________________.

(A) democratic society 

(B) Leizes-faire society

(C) autocratic society

(D) all of the above according to the situation

  • The best educational program is one which is according to the_______________.

(A) Need of the child

(B) Ability of the child

(C) Interest of  child

(D) All of these.

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