•  Who is known as the father of adult learning ?

A. Dwight W. Allen

B. Donald Kirkpatrick

C. Henry Higgins

D. Malcolm Knowles 

  •  Identify the correct statement with respect to ADDIE model .

A. In analysis phase we collect all the resources required for teaching

B. If we are giving training to the student in a class then this is called as evaluation phase

C. In design phase we create a PowerPoint slide to give presentation to the student

D. All of the given above options are incorrect .

  •  Which of the following communication network topology is used in very small industries where number of employees are very limited and only 1 Manager (boss) ?

A. Chain

B. Circle

C. Wheel

D. Circuit

  • Identify the correct statement with respect to teaching aids .

A. Models falls in the category of projected 3D AIDS

B. Mobile phones and television falls in the category

of Audio ads

C. Black board, globe and flannel board falls in the category of non projected visual aids

D. Overhead projector falls in the category of audio AIDS .

  •  Identify the incorrect statement among the given options .

A. Pavlov conditioning theory uses the concept of stimulus response Association .

B. Thorndike use the concept of learning by trial and error method .

C. Rats was used in the Gelastan theory .

D. BF Skinner uses pigeon as an experiment animal for his operant conditioning theory

  •  Identify the correct statement with respect to type of test .

A. Matching, true- false, and multiple choice falls in the category of supply types of objective questions.

B. Short answers and fill in the blanks falls in the category of selection types of objective questions.

C. Objectivity , validity and utility are the characteristics of subjective type of test.

D. All of the above options are incorrect.

  •  Which of the following educational psychologist is associated with the school of Gestaltism .

A. Maslow

B. Skinner

C. Pavlov

D. Kohler

  •  Which of the following is not a level descriptor  according to N.S.Q.F.  ?

A. Core knowledge

B. Responsibility

C. Professional knowledge

D. Professional skills

  • Which of the following is the process of skill acquiring in which trainees uses the equipment for the first time ?

A. Repitition

B. Imitation

C. Observation

D. Participation

  •  In which of the following types of leadership a leader is only the main soul decision maker without considering the followers ?

A. Democratic

B. Autocratic

C. Free rein

D. Paternalistic

  •  Which of the following test is used estimating and predicting the future career of a student ?

A. Diagnosis test

B. Proficiency test

C. Prognosis test

D. Aptitude test

  •  Identify the correct statement  .

A. First CITS institute was established at Mumbai, India .

B. Law of use and law of disuse falls under the category of law of effect .

C. Dress and appearance falls under the category of personal quality of an instructor .

D. Reinforcement is that term associated with law of effect .

  •  Which of the following options regarding memory is correct ?

A. RAM is a non-volatile memory while ROM is a volatile memory

B. Traditional floppy disk has a capacity of 750 MB

C. System software files and device drivers are generally stored in ROM memory .

D. Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft word are an example of system software

  • Which of the following theory uses the concept of reward and punishment ?

A. Pavlov conditioning theory

B. Insightful theory

C. Imitation theory

D. Operant conditioning theory

  •  Identify the correct option with respect to micro teaching .

A. Micro teaching is a sample of actual teaching

B. In micro teaching a teacher can use more than one skill to implement in teaching.

C. Replanning phase takes the maximum time taken by any phase of micro teaching

D. Dwight W. Allen gave the concept of micro teaching for first time

  •  If we are using keywords like distinguish, discriminate, compare and differentiate, then we are at which level of bloom’s taxonomy of cognitive domain .

A. Synthesis

B. Comprehensive

C. Evaluation

D. Analysis

  •  If you are listening to a railway or flight announcement at a platform then this type of listening is called .

A. Comprehensive

B. Evaluative

C. Aesthetic

D. Empathetic

  •  The most suitable programming language for implementing artificial intelligence is ?

A. Java

B. Python

C. C#


  •  According to Dale cone of experiences if you are watching a demonstration given by the trainer in a workshop then how much percentage of this we will remember .

A. 50%

B. 30%

C. 20%

D. 70%

  •  Which of the following shape representing table arrangement or students standing arrangement provide the best for demonstration process .

A. Rows and column

B. C shaped arrangement

C. O shaped arrangement

D. Linear queue arrangement

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