Training Methodology objective questions

                                    Training Methodology objective questions

  • In order to explain the internal structure of microorganism to     the students which model is best for demonstration.

     (A)  Reduced model.
     (B)  Enlarged model.✔
     (C)  Transparent model. 
     (D)  Cross sectional model.

  • The use of teaching aids is justified on the grounds of : 

    (A) Effective engagement of students in learning tasks .

    (B) Attracting students’ attention in the class room .
    (C) Optimizing learning outcomes of students . ✔
    (D) Minimizing indiscipline problems in the classroom .
  • Identify the correct option

    (A) Andragogy is teacher centered learning.

    (B) Andragogy is learner centered learning. ✔
    (C) Pedagogy is learner centered  learning.
    (D) First and third option is correct.
  • Identify the incorrect statements with respect to communication.

(A) The Prime Minister communication with public of the country on a national television is an example of one way communication .
(B) The communication between you and your mother is an example of mass communication . ✔

(C) When we are thinking about something,it is a type of intrapersonal communication .
(D) The communication between you and your boss on phone about some official work is a type of formal communication .
  • Identify the correct option with respect to Dale cone of experiences 

 (A) Remember 30% of what we see and hear.

 (B) Remember 70% of what we see and write .✔
 (C) Remember 90% of what we see
 (D) All the given options above or incorrect .
  • Which type of listening enables the listener to evaluate or judge the statements of the speaker

(A)  Critical listening . ✔

(B)  Comprehensive listening .
(C)  Aesthetic listening .

(D)  Therapeutic listening .

  • Which of the following is not the part of N.S.Q.F. level descriptor
(A) Core knowledge . ✔
(B)  Core skill .
(C) Professional knowledge .
(D) Responsibility .

  • There are _ levels and _ level descriptors in NSQF. Fill with correct option.
(A)   5,5
(B)  10,10
(C) 5,10
(D) 10,5 ✔

  • Who design Qualification Pack for a given job role in any industry
 (A) National Council of vocational training .
 (B) Sector Skill Council .✔
 (C) Ministry of Labour and employment .
 (D) Directorate General of employment and training .

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