Employability Skills Question paper 2023

Employability Skills Question paper 2023

Topic :- Quality tools (Employability Skills Question paper 2023)

1. Fishbone chart is also called as__________________.

A. cause and effect diagram

B. scatter diagram

C. control chart

D. histogram

2. In PDCA cycle, ‘P’ stands for _____________.

A. Process

B. Plan

C. Problem

D. Procedure

3. The expansion of QMS is __________________.

A. Quality Management Standard

B. Quality Measurement Standard

C. Quality Measurement System

D. Quality Management System

4. The PDCA means_______________.

A. Plan, Develop, Control, Act

B. Plan, Do, Check, Act

C. Plan, Develop, Check, Act

D. Plan, Do, Control, Act

5. Total number of popular quality tools are_________________.

A. 9

B. 8

C. 7

D. 6

6. What does “SERI” stand for?

A. Sorting out

B. Self-discipline

C. Standardization

D. Systematic arrangement

7. What is the function of “Histogram” in Quality tools?

A. Narrow down the problem area

B. Effect of discrete causes

C. Indicates shape of distribution

D. Assess factors for problem

8. What is the last step in ISO 9001 registration?

A. Corrective and preventive action

B. Internal audit

C. Management review meeting

D. Certification and audit

9. What is the name used for word “waste”?





10. Which formula is correct to quantify the quality___________.

A. Q = P/Q

B. Q = Q/E

C. E = E/P

D. P = Q/P

11. Which one is NOT a basic tool used in quality circle?

A. Histogram

B. Pareto chart

C. Check sheet

D. Torque wrench

12. Which one is NOT the certified ISO standard?

A. ISO 9010

B. ISO 9001

C. ISO 9002

D. ISO 9003

13. Which one of the following is not the characteristics of quality?

A. Quality control

B. Quality of design

C. Quality of assurance

D. Quality of non- conformance

14. Which statement of quality was stated by quality guru Dr. J. M. Juran?

A. Quality should be aimed

B. Quality is fitness for use

C. Quality is value for money

D. Quality is conformance to requirement

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