•  If majority of students in your class are weak you should

(A) not care about the intelligent students.

(B) keep your speed of teaching fast so that students comprehension level may increase.

(C) keep your teaching slow.

(D) keep your teaching slow along with some extra guidance to bright pupils.

  • A teacher who is not able to draw the attention of the students should

(A) Evaluate his teaching methods and improve it.

(B) Resign from the post.

(C) Find fault in his pupils.

(D) Start dictating.

  • Arrange the following teaching process in order 
  1. relating the present knowledge with previous knowledge
  2.  evaluation
  3. reteaching
  4. formulating objective
  5. presentation of materials.

(A)   (1). (2).  (3).  (4).

(B)    (2).  (1).  (3).  (4). (5).

(C)    (5).  (4).  (3).  (1). (2).

(D)    (4). (1). (5). (2).  (3) 

  • Which of the following is the most important single factor in under laying the success of beginning a teacher

(A) Scholarship.

(B)  Communicative ability .

(C) Personality and its ability to relate the class and to the pupils .

(D)   Organizational ability.

  • The field of education is permitted by conflicts and  misconception because

(A) Problem in education call for subjectivity of interpretation.

(B) Problems encountered in teaching or not enable to rigorous scientific investigation.

(C) There are not good teaching methods and procedures.

(D) Teachers are not worthy of doing rigorous scientific investigation.

  • If some of your pupils miss behave with you in the college campus you must inform 

(A) to your principal .

(B) to their parents .

(C) improve their behavior by your own character and scholarship .

(D) mobilize other teachers these guys.

  • If Back-benchers are always talking in the classroom a teacher should

(A). Let them do what they are doing.

(B)punish them .

(C) ask them to sit on the front benches.

(D) none of  above.

  • Use of telecast materials 

(A) enhance concentration and learning. 

(B) reduce the burden of the teacher .

(C) increase retention power .

(D) all of above.

  •   Maximum participation of students is possible in teaching through 

(A) Lecture method

(B) Discussion method 

(C) Textbook method .

(D) Audio-visual aids.

  • An effective teaching means all of the following except 

(A) a teacher teaches with enthusiasm.

(B) a teacher finds fault in his students .

(C) a teacher puts emphasis more on teaching then on class control .

(D) a teacher is interested in making the subject matter understood rather than on completing the course.

  • A teacher in the class should keep the pitch of his voice _________. 

(A) high enough

(B) low

(B) moderate 

(D) some time low some time high.

  • A teacher ________________________________.

(A) introduce the lesson before he start teaching

(B) should have command over his language

(C) should have command over his subject

(D) all of the above

  • If students are not able to follow you should ____________.

(A) give them prompt

(B) make the matter easy

(C) illustrate with examples 

(D) all of the above

  • If  remarks our past by students on you as a teacher you will ___________.

(A) punish them.

(B) expel them from the college .

(C) take revenge while evaluating internal test copies being.

(D) be impartial at the time of evaluation.

  • All of the following are the characteristic features of an effective teacher except 

(A) Emphasis upon standard .

(B) emphasis group discussion for the purpose of clarifying the objectives.

(C) emphasize upon the quick control of the problematic situation .

(D) differential treatment meet out to student of his class.

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